Scott King (Scott Craig King) is a SCAM ARTIST AND A DANGEROUS CRIMINAL . He is on the run and now in Seattle. He pretends to have a different business every couple of months. On social media he pretends to be an international model from London UK and pretends to be such a nice guy. He has been traveling through many different states in US for the past 3 years. He meets women on instagram, facebook, twitter, the gym, befriends them, starts dating them, then moves in with them, uses them for money and a free place to stay and buy him plane tickets for photo shoots. He tries to marry every woman he dates so he can receive a green card so he can then receive citizenship and benefits. He tries to marry women so he can get his citizenship and then he takes off to the next one after they realize he is so crazy. He has been engaged several times and married several times and the women file for annulment after he leaves them. He has several kids in UK and US which he does not pay child support for. He has credit card and lots of debt that he does not pay for in UK and in US. He has no money, no car, no apartment. He scams model women as well as men especially gay men for their money and a free place to stay and eat and pay for everything. He is very aggressive, sexually and violently abusive, angry, bipolar, has ADD, very insecure, disrespectful, lies all the time about his past and the women he married and dated and his children that he does not take care of. He is emotionally and physically abusive. He abuses drugs and steroids, and sells steroids, has a very bad temper, doesn’t trust anyone, very insecure. Scott King is a sociopath and a psychopath and cannot be trusted. He ran away from London United Kingdom because he scammed too many women and men there and he is not welcomed back ever.STAY AWAY FROM HIM!! HE WILL USE YOU FOR YOUR MONEY AND YOUR PLACE TO STAY AND TRY TO MARRY YOU TO GET A GREEN CARD AND THEN LEAVE YOU. He is in Seattle now. He has been to every state and been with all these women and possibly even men in different states including New York, Scottsdale, Miami, Canada, Pensilvania, Illinois, Milwaukee, Arizona, Miami, Minnesota, Ohio, LA, Texas and many more states with different girls who are models. That’s what he does. He can only last for a few months with each girl before she realizes how crazy he is and kicks him out or he leaves after he realizes they are on to him. BEWARE!! He has his own website and facebook pages. Even his own personal assistant, who did not get paid for anything, left him for his shady, mean and disrespectful ways. He even scammed her. He is now using his new victim Kim as a personal assistant. He claimed to be a book writer in London. He can’t even spell or write or speak clearly and has no college education.When he is shooting with a model she is his friend on his social media and when he tags he name in his photos the link is active to the model’s page but after he is done using the model he blocks her and the link is no longer active. Look at all of his photos of models. All of the links are not active. He then moves on to the next model victim.Scott Kings birthday is 9/7/1976. He is 6.3, 230 lbs, body builder, English accent, tan, short light brown hair with blue eyes, covered in black tattoos all over his body including angels tattoos, tribal tattoos, doves tattoos, bible writing all over his back tattoo.SCOTT KING IS DANGEROUS AND IS ON THE RUN. HE IS WANTED FOR FRAUD INCLUDING CYBER FRAUD, ILLEGAL STAY IN US, EXPIRED VISA, DRUG SMUGGLING AND SELLING, ILLEGAL MARRIAGE, SEXUAL ABUSE, VIOLENT ABUSE, CHARITY ORGANIZATION SCAM, ESCAPE. IF YOU SEE SCOTT KING REPORT HIM TO THE POLICE!!If you check his facebook and see where he has been you can call the POLICE in those states (last 6) and receive all of the information you need.