Complaint: ScriptiSCAM is a better name. Cost overruns on estimate provided. Nickel and dimed us anytime they possibly could. Had to deal with many different individuals during development work. Huge amount of change over. Scriptilabs was to write a script that would allow us on an ongoing basis to upload our large image and pricing files at a reasonable cost into our Bigcommerce web site. Each time we were to have an update we were supposed to send in the data and Scriptilabs would only charge about one hours work. Sounded good. Of course we had to pay a large amount for the initial script development but after that it was supposed to only be around $100 to load our update files. The script was supposedly written and the files were initially up-dated and we finished paying for the large development fee. The very first time we contacted them to upload just an up-dated pricing file (slight difference than orig. file) they explained that because of the slight difference in format that it would cost approx. $700 rather than $100 to up-load. We declined and waited for the update that was in the exact same format as the original file. This time they stated that due to a change in Bigcommerce that they would need to charge 2 hours to review what changes would need to be made and then the anticipated cost to up-load the up-dated file would be $975.00. We offered them the opportunity to do the right thing and just refund the money we spent on the development of the supposed script. They refused. They got our money and got a new name. ScriptiSCAM

Tags: Programmers

Address: Internet USA