I was called and offered a chance to be a part of a marketing program in a real estate packet that would be presented to at least 1000 new homeowners. Since this was going somewhere local and to a very targetted demographic that suits my business. I agreed to this. “Travis” worked with me on art for this piblication for weeks and then has not responded to my email asking him to remind me which Realty Executive branch this was given to. | A gracious message was on their answering machine and I haven’t heard anything back from them via email or phone.


  • Name: SCV Moulding & Design Center
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Santa Clarita
  • Address: 25345 Avenue Stanford Ste 208
  • Phone: 661-295-6905
  • Website: www.scvmoulding.com/