The whole journey started when I needed to get some work done inside my Pompano Beach, FL. home. This time around, I wanted to find a locally owned small Motel to stay at for the couple of days I needed to be out of the house. I found a couple locally owed Motels right around the corner from where I live. I decided on the Sea Horse Resort Motel, 901 North Ocean Blvd. Pompano Beach, FL. 33062. I booked the Motel room through Booking .com for Thursday, 4/14/16 and Friday 4/15/16. has a feature on its site that allows you an early check in request. After making the reservation and request, the Sea Horse Resort Motel, Darren Smith, Proprietor, did not respond to the early check in request. I needed to get in early due to having a couple hundred dollars of meat in my freezer that I needed to transfer. I called the Sea Horse Resort Motel, Darren Smith, on Monday, 4/11/16, to ask directly for a early check in and to explain why I needed it. Darren Smith, Proprietor, said that there would not be a problem, and to call back Wednesday, 4/13/16, to see if they had a one-night reservation in the room that was reserved for me. I followed Darren Smith recommendation, and called back Wednesday, 4/13/16 to confirm. Darren Smith explained that there was not a reservation as of 3:00 P.M, and could check in any time past 9:00 AM. Darren also said that if they had an overnight reservation, that he could accommodate me and put the freezer and refrigerator food into another room until I could check in. On Thursday, 4/14/16, the workers came to my house, and my guest and myself had to vacate my home. I had a large cooler full of refrigerator and freezer food, and belongings that we needed for the couple of days away from the house. We got to the Sea Horse Resort Motel, 901 North Ocean Blvd, Pompano Beach, FL. 33062. Around 9:20 A.M. to check in. When we got to the Motel, the office was locked, so we called the number on the door. The phone call went into voice mail so we decided to sit down by the pool and wait for Darren Smith, Proprietor, to open up the office so that we could check in. We spoke to a nice man that was a guest, and he told us that the owners lived on the property, and their apartment was right above the pool overlooking the whole property. After making several calls, and waiting two hours for Darren Smith, Proprietor, to come down, I left the property to see if I could store my food in a neighboru2019s refrigerator. At 11:20 AM, Darren finally came down and checked my guest in. He explained to my guest that he had his phone turned off and over slept. He asked my guest if either of us smoked because there was no smoking allowed in the room. I rushed back to the Motel with the cooler to get the food into the refrigerator. We got all our food into the refrigerator, and decided to go out by the pool and relax. The two Proprietors came out, Darren Smith and Phillip Gillespie, to say hello. Phillip, a very nice man, said that they were sorry and that Darren had too much to drink the night before and that is why he turned off his phone and overslept. My guest, who smokes cigarettes, sat down on a lounge chair near the pool and lit up. She had a plastic cup with her for any ashes that she might have had. Darren Smith, Proprietor, saw that she was smoking and started raising his voice and belligerently explaining the smoking rules at the Motel. Of course he didnu2019t go over the full smoking rules when he checked my guest in because he was hung over from the night before. Apparently, there is only one table at the east end of the property that is the designated smoking area. Of coarse, there are no signs stating that table is the designated smoking table. Darren Smith looked at me and said that he needed an additional $150.00 deposit because we didnu2019t follow his rules. We got out of the pool and went back to our room. Within two minutes Darren Smith, Proprietor, banged on our door and wanted me to sign for an additional $150.00 deposit. After I signed, he started sniffing, and asked if my guest was smoking in the room. I invited him in so that he could get a better whiff. I didnu2019t want to make a big deal out of it because of what we went through with him to get into the room. I left the Motel to go to my gym to work off some steam, and my guest went back out to the pool. She called Darren over and said that she didnu2019t want any problems with him. Darren Smith, Proprietor at the Sea Horse Resort Motel at 901 North Ocean Blvd, Pompano Beach, FL. 33062, told my guest, while pointing his thumbs towards his chest, THIS IS MY HOUSE AND IF YOU DONu2019T FOLLOW THE RULESu2026GET OUTu2026 He offered a full refund to her if we wanted to leave. I guess he thought that he was the only resort in town that could accommodate us. My guest called me and said that she felt uncomfortable staying at the Motel. I came back and called Darren and explained to him that I wanted to take him up on his offer and get a full refund. He started back peddling, but agreed to the full refund. We left the property, and checked into the Surf Side Motel, 710 South Ocean Blvd. Pompano Beach, FL. 33062, 954-785-9713. The hotel had a more modern room along with a full refrigerator. Darren Smith told me good luck when he handed me my refund receipt. I responded to him with also a good luck, and that he was going to need it if he treated his guest that way. If you are looking for a hotel that is run down, and has the two owners, one very rude ( Darren Smith), watching every move that you make from their bird nest apartment overlooking the property, then this is the place for you.

901 North Ocean Blvd. Pompano Beach, Florida USA