A word to the wise… I rented the Never One yacht (MAIORA 79 (2001)) owned by Pietro Pagliari of Luxury Yacht Services through Amanda Brilliante of Charterworld LLP and luisa Guarino of Sea-Sea Charters. The boat was a disaster. It was filthy. Barely functional. It had no wifi, no air con in 100 degree heat, no hot water, partial electricity. Despite the fact that we paid in full for our charter and our APA (fuel, docking, food), by day 4 of our 12 day trip the crew began demanding more money. They then began getting aggressive, refusing to dock the boat, drive the boat, and eventually by day 6 they literally ended our charter because we wouldn’t give them more money and effectively stole 30k american dollars. I have pressed charges with the Italian federal police, notified the FBI, and filed complaints with CYBA and MYBA. I want others to know what happened to me so they might better protect themselves.


  • Name: Sea & Sea Charters
  • Country: Italy
  • State:
  • City: ITALIA
  • Address: Piazzale Clodio 22 00195 Roma RM
  • Phone:
  • Website: www.sea-seacharters.com/