Public Access to personal records Anderson AK!!. Not only should you not provide Searchquarry with any credit card information, you need to call them and opt out of their system – which is possible. I pulled up several background reports they had on me and every report had something erroneous in it. For instance; wrong dates, phone numbers, addresses, spouse, spouse’s birthdate, my birthdate, marriage date, etc. The list of errors was almost endless and to top it off, they provide information on people with the same name so you can’t truly decipher what information is yours and what is someone elses. This service is highly bogus, confusing, and worthless. In my opinion Searchquarry is highly slanderous with their information because they don’t separate it out to insure you know you are dealing with the background of the proper individual you are researching. In my case, I researched myself to see what they had on me – n

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