Complaint: Be cautious when purchasing tires at Sears. Today(9/13/01) I took a tire that became out of round back to them. It was a Goodyear Wrangler APT. First I went to Godyear but they told me that the tire was made especially for Sears. Apparently the “T”” in APT told them that. So I drove to Sears at Paradise Valley Mall in Phoenix and the counterperson told me that because I wasn’t the original purchaser of the tires Sears could not warranty it. Doesn’t Sears warranty everything? Well

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Address: apparently not. I asked to speak to the manager(Scott)and exactly 37 minutes later he decided to come out and look at the tire. This guy never introduced himself to me nor did he attempt to explain to me what he was doing. After another 17 minutes he asked the counterperson whose tire it was and then I was pointed out. He bluntly told me that there was nothing he could do and showed me the warranty policy on the back of some purchase paperwork. Even with my glasses on I could hardly read it and nowhere in the store does it say that the warranty is good for the original purchaser only. Hasn’t Sears learned yet? I told him to look up this website tonight. To compound matters I asked for a price on a new tire $129.00 but after the balancing

Website: etc $169.00. I then called Goodyear and the same tire without the “”T”” was $101.00 and $125.00 with all the extras. Know what? It’ll be a long time before I use my Sears Card again!”

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