My wife requested that I purchase her a new washer and dryer for her birthday. I looked in purchasing the Kenmore Elite HE 3.5 cu white top lop washer/front loading dryer bundle on March 16,2011. I called your customer service department to inquire about your Extended Service Agreement and was informed that I can purchase an additional 3 years on top of the 1 year manufacturers warranty. I informed the customer service rep that I was looking into purchasing a Square Trade Appliance warranty, because I can purchase a 5 year for close to their price. I was then informed that even if the warranty expired, which would’ve been March 2015, that I could still contact them and they could diagnose my appliance’s issue over the phone. We decided to go with the product and the extended 3 year Service Protection Agreement. Less than a year into having our washer and dryer, the lint trap breaks. We call the Service Protection Department, and they said that our Manufacturer’s Agreement will cover the lint trap. 3 weeks later, and we see that we still have not received our lint trap. We contact Sears’ Service Department, and they said that the order got “lost in the process””

and they agree to send us another one. Shortly after this incident

my notices that our dryer is making a lot more noise that usual. We place a call into Sears’ Service Department

and they have us hold our phone up to the dryer and push some buttons. Like magic

they tell us exactly what is wrong with our dryer and schedule a technician to come out. The technician comes out