I recently ordered a dishwasher from Sears and I have never experienced such awful service. The delivery and installation of my dishwasher by their installer Top Notch was a NIGHTMARE. And, I definitely feel Sears discriminates against women.I contacted the store manager and two managers in corporate several times and they offered no assistance. I even went so far as to contact the Better Business Bureau and senior executives at corporate. Sears responded to the Better Business Bureau that the dishwasher was installed (eventually) so the situation was resolved and theyre sorry for the inconvenience and hope I come back. I guess they consider resolved to mean a dissatisfied customer still waiting for return phone calls.My son also had a problem with Sears delivery of a treadmill during the same timeframe. They responded to him by waiving his delivery fee, giving him 5% cash back AND a gift card. Interesting how a man complains and they bend over backwards. A woman complains and Sears could not care less.

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