My 86 year old father’s air conditioner gave out last summer. He immediately called Sears Home Improvement for an estimate to either repair or replace his old unit. They only gave him one choice, a very expensive $13,000 system. My father said that he really couldn’t afford it, then the saleman brought it down to $11,600. nMy father was very distracted by the ill health of my mother as well as his own and obviously in dire straits because his house was so hot. Sears never offered him a “standard”” $5-6000. system”” or any other alternative. nNow

after it’s installation

a member of the California Contractors Commission confirmed

after going over the individual charges for their air conditioner

that they were grossly overcharged and many of the items charged for were “”gibberish””. nThe Sears rep. Leon Pikor has denied everything. He claim he offered my father a cheaper alternative. Don’t you think an 86 year old man