We were shopping in Dover before Black Friday for a new washer and dryer in Sears. We were informed by the salesperson that really good deals on a different set (a Samsung front loader) would be available on Black Friday. We were even quoted prices. After waiting in line for 2 hours, we were told that “Sears changed the prices.”” Needless to say we were upset because the prices weren’t honored. nAfter calming down when we left the store

we decided to try another Sears to see what we could do about seeing what other models were available in a decent price range. We entered the Middletown store

where we looked at the Kenmore models for around the same price that we were initially quoted for the Samsung. We decided to purchase them. We have been periodically been checking the status

as we had delivery scheduled for December 22 in a new home. We do not have a washer and dryer yet

this is a new install. We were told today that the set was backordered until sometime in March. This is unacceptable!!! Unfortunately