Just had a terrible experience with them. First of all, everyone should know that they are not in any way affiliated with Sears. They are a privately owned company. Therefore, you will have a lot of fun in dealing with these people. My wife was given a gift certificate for her shower. She tried to return it for credit (first for sears before she found out that they weren’t a part of them) & then just for a portrait credit so that she can give it away to someone else. IN either case she was turned away basically because they have no return policy..Be aware that they don’t even bother to post one in the studios or on any receipt. Customer service is a joke. Just a run around. Must have called 4 or 5 different numbers on the Sears flyers just waiting for one with an option to speak to customer service. Both workers at the studio & then customer service were both obnoxious and rude. HAd a shouting match with the person from customer service who seemed upset that I would call!! Will be taking this further now after speaking with them….A dollar store has a better return policy than they do!

Willobrook Mall wayne, New Jersey United States of America

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