WE WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER APPLIANCE FROM SEARS AGAIN!!! nLate on Friday July 27th our freezer died and we were going to loose a side of beef unless we purchased a freezer within 24 hours.. We went immediately to the Puyallup Sears store at 9 a.m. on the 28th. We asked to buy the floor model of this Frigidaire 20.6 cu.ft. upright freezer. We had researched this Frigidaire freezer on the web and discovered that this was a highly rated model. nThe clerk in the appliance department said Sears won’t sell the floor model. We requested to talk to the manager of the store and a person who said she was the manager (We later found out she was not a manager.) confirmed that Sears won’t sell floor models but assured us that she had this exact model in the Kent warehouse. But Sears couldn’t deliver the freezer until Tuesday. nHowever, Sears said we could rent a trailer and pick up the freezer ourselves the next day, Sunday. On Sunday, we rented the trailer, picked up the boxed up Frigidaire freezer in Kent and returned to our home in Puyallup. We cut open the box only to discover that while the carton was labeled Frigidaire Model Number FKFJ21F7H, the freezer in the box was a “Crosley”” brand freezer and not a Frigidaire. nWe immediately took a digital photo of the freezer door that said


and went right back to the Appliance department at the Puyallup Sears. None of the store clerks we dealt with on Saturday including the manager were in the store. So we had to explain to a whole new set of folks what happened. In the meantime our meat was rapidly defrosting. nAfter a couple of hours of discussions and phone calls on Sunday Sears agreed that we should keep the Crosley freezer for the next few days and load our meat into it until Sears could figure out what to do. Sears continually insisted that they dont sell a Crosley Freezer and had no idea how one got into a Frigidaire box with Frigidaire labeling. In fact on closer inspection we found that while the freezer door was a Crosley brand the actual body of the freezer and the motor were made by Electrolux. Yet all of the warranty paper work and operating books were labeled Frigidaire. nBy Tuesday Sears suggested that we just keep the Crosley freezer and dont worry that it wasnt a Frigidaire. Since we paid nearly full price for a Frigidaire

we wanted a Frigidaire. Additionally

since Crosley is made by Whirlpool