After about 15 phone calls to the Sears rebate line(s) since December, I still do not have my $150 rebate for purchasing three GE Profile products The Great Indoors Store (owned by Sears) in Irvine, CA. Everytime I call, I hold for about 20 minutes, get transferred to other people who will not give me last names and barely speak English. I think their rebate center phone calls are sent to India or it sounds like it. The people state your receipt wasn’t received, is too light to read (they are looking at the original from the store) even though I can read my photocopy, they cannot find any information about the rebate and call another number and I start all over again. nThey have one phone number for the rebate center but if your rebate was mailed before 11/08, they tell you to call another number (higher level). nFinally, on 3/14 I got transferred to ‘Eric’ a supervisor at the “higher level””. He apologized after finding my rebate information and read off the serial numbers to me. He said he would ‘expedite’ my check so that I would receive by 4/25

6 weeks away instead of 3 months away since I originally mailed my rebate form months ago. nToday


I call the “”higher level”” to see where the check is and they claim they cannot find any information about the 3 appliances and any rebate

as if I never sent one in. I explained that ‘Eric’ who they never heard of read to me the serial numbers that obviously came off of my rebate form mailed in and I was to have a check 3 weeks ago. So