Recieved as a Christmas present Dec.2002. First used April 2003. Quick change blade clamp exploded parts every where. Ordered new blade clamp assembly June 2003 , took 3 months to arrive . 5 parts missing from kit. Took saw to Sears parts/ service store. They wanted to charge $79.00 to “look at”” the saw

labor and parts extra. This piece of junk was made in China and cost $99.00. Sears advertisments for Craftsman tools are a lie. I modified this saw to use a Sawzall blade clamp for $6.50 and 1 hour of labor . Don’t buy Sears / Craftsman tools they are cheaply made and they don’t honor their warrenty. nJimnWareham


Phinny Lane Hyannis, Massachusetts U.S.A.