Site and advertising offer free trial, simply pay shipping and/or pay for sample for minimal amount. You provide CC info to handle the shipping and order. When you do so you are not aware that by ordering the sample or trial you just signed up for a monthly shipment with auto charges at a much higher cost to the credit card. I fell for this and received the trial. 60-days later another package arrived along with 170.00 in charges on debit card. I immediately called the 800 number and was told I had signed up and authorized auto refills. I told the CS (customer service person) I wanted to cancel the service and return the package for credit. She cancelled my service and provided a RMA and instructed me not to open the package because if I had opened the shipping package (a poly envelope if I recall) they would not take it back. Note: I do recall the shipping package is not marked indicating if you open it you bought it. I was just lucky I didn’t. She instructed me to clearly mark the RMA number on the return package and ship with tracking, which I did. She said I would receive the credit 2-3 days following receipt and would be notified by email. I monitored email and the USPS tracking and waited nearly two weeks after it was delivered and signed for. I then called and inquired as to the status of my refund. First I was told they hadn’t received the package. Then I provided the tracking number and told them they had received the package. The CS person said she found it and confirmed they had received the package and they were waiting for corporate to authorize the reimbursement. CS said this could take another 10-days. CS person stated I would be notified via email when the credit went through. I waited another 2-weeks and called again yesterday. CS person again says they hadn’t received my package. I informed her they had and informed her of the previous calls and RMA procedure which I complied with. After being on hold for a long time CS person came back on the line and said they had received the package damaged. I told her that was not correct, the prior CS person said they received it and they were simply waiting for corporate to approve the credit. I let the CS person know I had packed their unopened package inside an over pack poly envelope and there was no way this could be the case. She put me on hold again and when she returned she said the best she could do is appeal to corporate and if corporate approved I would have to pay a restocking charge. I asked when that would be and she said they would follow up with me. Each CS person I’ve contacted has been more rude on the call and much less accommodating. I am now convinced this is part of a scam to make it more difficult to deal with them at each subsequent contact in the hope I will just give up. I am also fearful they will attempt to ship more product and bill my CC. Consequently I am contacting my CC company. Note: BBB only show Secrete Serum in California but the address on the website is Lewiston, Maine. The ME address is where I was instructed to ship the return product.