Walmart spend 50 get 250


My Complaint: Answered ad on Shadow Shopper – received e-mail which was traced back to a DLogin. He requested my address and phone number and was to forward e-mail instructions. The next day I received a fedex which came from a company with a return address from Imax Solutions, LLC with no tracking number or phone number on the package. I also received a check in the fed ex for $1350.00 from Creative Jewelry a company in Honolulu, HI. This looked suspicious. I called Imax and left a message. someone from that company had advised me that someone had been sending fedex with their old account number and that their account had been hacked, that there were fedex packages sent to various people which contained checks mostly for $2,000 & over. I was advised that there is an investigation and that I should report this to my local police dept.

Yesterday I received a text message on my phone from 619-784-5028 in Mesa, Ca. asking if I received a check.

I did not respond to the text. Today I received a phone call and answered same. In the background I could hear family members talking in Arabic. An Arabic man called and asked to speak with me and wanted to know if I received the check. I told him that I new he was a fraud and that I was reporting him to the authorities. His response was your grandmother was a fraud. Very Nice.


My Demand: Catch this guy and send him to prison