I initially received an email through my school email stating that this was a referral to be a secret shopper. Out of curiosity, I decided to click on the link that directed to monster.com with job description, payment etc. A few days later I received a text message from someone named Scott asking if I was ready to begin my assignment and to provide my availability. About 2 weeks later I received a priority mail express envelope with instructions for the assignment and a check in the amount of $1980.00. The instructions advise me to deposit the check into my bank account and then money gram $705 to someone in TX and then use walmart2walmart to send $905 to a different individual in TX. I was given itemized information about my pay and fees and if I completed the assignment within 24 hours I will receive a $100 bonus. There was no information about the company or anything on the instruction paper that was sent to me. I did not follow through with this because I knew it had to be a scam.