Homeless with two young children.desperate and missed the signs on the website


My Complaint: I was recently made homeless and have a 2 yr old and 6 month old,i had called kcdc to see if there was any emergency help or anything i could do to keep us from once again being homeless and seperated because i know homeless shelters and i will not take them there. She said to go to section 8 online put in the application and i would be just in time because the list would be closing that day and i would have to wait nov 9 for openings. This was the first website i came across in my searching so i went , my mom used her card , and i waited to hear back in an hr like it said. I never heard anything so i called to check my app status. Told the lady and she just said i went to wrong one and THIS time gave me the actual name of website to do it at. Unfortunately i missed the deadline thinking i had made it and we would be ok..but i missed it and so i now have 3 days before i am homeless and no hope til nov 9 .and i find out i have put my mother at risk cause it was her card?.i knew that the website was weird and red flags everywhere on it but in my desperation, hopefulness,etc in hitting right on the deadline i just kept on and made excuses for all the inconsistencies.. I have no idea what to do or how to protect my mother from further loss by giving her info on it


My Demand: Money back, sight taken down