Complaint: This company has to many issues to address so I will go over the main issues. (1)They quote interest rates and new payment. Most companies will do a similar tactic to entice people into “buying”” by saying things like “”in or around this payment””. Secure Doc Prep on the other tells people a new payment down to the cents. The only people who can quote interest rates and payments are Loan Officers assisting you with a Refinance. They also qoute a success rate of 99% and that is also illegal unless you can prove it

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Address: and they can’t. (2)They use a form of marketing known as “”Fax Blasting”” ALSO very illegal. The way they get around it being illegal you ask? by an opt in process. The same way they still collect up front fees for “”Loan Restructuring”” by charging you for a forensic doc audit and then doing the Modification for “”Free”” If you are thinking of doing business with them. RUN! Note: Forensic audits are used as a sales technique and a way to get around laws. Salesmen are told to express the importance of a doc audit when in fact they make no difference and RARELY are actually presented to the lender.”


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