Complaint: You guys at securitas are downright ridiculous! On more then one occasion throughout posts around salt lake county, I’ve seen your officers pulling actions that make me surprised DOPL hasn’t shut your agency down. Officers sleeping on duty, talking trash to client guests, and the worst, texting while in operation of company owned vehicles! DOPL and Utah state regulations are very clear about this kind of negligent conduct! One of your officers nearly hit my car tonight at the hope avenue walmart less then an hour after this report will post. His partol car, a newer toyota corolla came less then six inches of my back bumper! Had I not slammed my horn down, he would have have hit me! And when I confronted him about it, he started running his mouth about me watching where I was going! I informed him of the laws regarding this conduct and demanded that he give me his name, his supervisors name, and his dopl issued license number, to which he refused. Also if I’m not correct, if you are registered as an unarmed officer, carrying weapons on duty is NOT allowed! I will see to it that the state hands down a harsh penalty to this company, and your client is made aware of the conduct of the person they pay to protect their property.

Tags: Clubs & Organizations

Address: 4021 S 700 E #100 Salt Lake City, Utah USA