Not providing what was offered for the job


My Complaint: So i sent my resume to an ad that i found on craigslist back on june 2, 2014 (for a lobby attendant position that was paying $19/hr) and they call me back for an ?interview? within an hour after I sent them my resume. I spoke to a gentlemen by the name of Mr. Burgos on the phone who said I would have to enroll in a class to obtain some sort of security certificate (8 hr and 16hr certs) and to enroll in that I will have to bring $100 in cash and a NY state ID. The company is called ?SECURITY FOR AMERICA INC? located at 247 W 38th St 9th Fl. The interview was scheduled for the next day (Tuesday june 3,2014 at 10am) and they also said ?come dress in business attire. So I got there and ask for ?MR.BURGOS? but theres no buddy there with that name (some how they just made that name to protect themselves I guess), the lady in front ?the secretary? tells me that I have to fill up an application before they see me so they can ?interview me? (normally you will be expecting a regular interview and talk about the job position that they posted the day before but that wasn?t the case). The guy that interviewed me is called ?MR DAVID?, so basically he start telling me that I have to join a security guard class so I can obtain my security guard license to get the job (you will get just the 8hr & 16hr certificates and then you have to do the rest of the steps yourself to get the license which it will cost more $) and the class is 3 days and each class is 8 hours. On the same day that DAVID interviewed me he tells me that I have to handle him the $100 so he can schedule me for the class and then after I finish with the classes and get my certificates I will get a ?job placement appointment? (that sounds good for me for now) so I basically fall for it and handle him the $100 and I got the 3 classes scheduled for next week (June 3-June 5) and tells me that when I come the first day, I will have to come dress in business attire again (which is basically not even necessary to take a class cuz when I got there for the first class everybody was just in jeans & regular clothes, I was basically the only 1 all dress up compare to like 15 people in the class). So far everything was good during the first class and during the middle of the class the secretary call us up to tells us something (which nobody knew and it was a surprise) about the cost of the course (she start telling us that for the next day we have to finish paying the cost which it was $390 total for the whole course, so all of us were really pissed about that issue and were confused), so only half of the class agree for that. After we agree to pay the rest we ask them serious questions about ?if they are really sure if we going to get a job ASAP after we done with the course? and they said ?yeah absolutely 100%? so we all calm down and continue with the next 2 classes. At the end of the day we took a small quiz to see how good were we paying attention to the class (the teacher was really good and his name is MR FRANKLYN. That was the only good thing about the classes) and then we received our certificates (8hr and 16hr) with the ?job placement appointment? with it. The job placement appointment they game me it was for Monday June 9, 2014 at 9:45am (weird time for a job placement interview) and when I go to the interview I have to go dress in business attire (like usual if you are expecting to have a real job interview face to face but in this case it wasn?t) and to bring the fingerprints receipt (that?s another extra step you do when you want the security guard license $101.45 + another $36). So I did the fingerprints on June 6, 2014 without any issue so I can bring that on the day of the ?job placement interview?. Finally the day comes for the ?job placement interview? (I was excited about it and got all the requirements they said to bring). Mr. David was the one that did the ?job placement interview? on that day. First thing he said it was ?ohh that?s good that you doing this, now let?s look to see where I can send you so they can hire you?. Mr. David took his time and was basically doing some research on google and to see what company he could send me (he didn?t even have anything on file or in his mind about the job placements), so he finally found 1 online and (is called SECURITAS) and he told me to apply online (so I told him face to face ?so basically you just google it where you can send me and to apply online instead of telling me to go to a site where they can interview me face to face for a job?), he didn?t say nothing about that and continue telling me that I just apply online and follow the steps and they should contact me in 2-5 days (I absolutely waste my time by dressing up when Mr. David did the ?job placement interview?. And they said ?if after a week they don?t call you from it, just call us back?). So basically I wait a 1 week after I applied at SECURITAS and I call Mr. David back just to see what sup with that. When I called back the first time, the phone just ring & ring and nothing, second try they finally answer and the guy who answered (is called Jeffrey virella) is trying to not hear me (basically just playing around), so I tried to call them again but this time from a land line and same thing happens (so I decide to go there in person the next day which it was June 17, 2014). I got there with my normal clothes cuz there?s no point in going there all dress-up and talk to the lady in front (she was basically shocked that I show up in person and told her that ?you guys are trying to rip-off people for lying about the ?job placement interview? and by not taking phone calls). So she just handle me another ?job placement interview? for June 18, 2014 at 9am (she was really I pissed but I really have to say that to them after wasting all this time & $ with them). So next day I got there (this time I got there at 9:02am just 2 mins late cuz of a malfunction train) and Mr. David tells me ?ohh you just missed a big job opportunity for arriving late and the other 2 people that just left they going there now? all that excuse it was totally bull**** so he can give me a company name by wall set (I went there to applied but they were just paying $8 per hour, so I basically left the site after I find out about it). So after he said that to me I answer him back ?so that?s your excuse now? I just came from downstairs and no one was in the elevators & or people leaving from the building. Are you sure you guys are not trying to bull**** me about the job placement? He stays silent for a min and just handle me a paper with the address I will go for the ?interview? (I guess he forgot who he was dealing with it). So all this waste of time that I been dealing with them for over a month and imp still in the job hunting. I will called this company ?SECURITY FOR AMERICA INC.) JOB SCAMMERS AND MISLEADING INFORMATION.


My Demand: I would like at least half of my money back. I paid $390.00 all together with training and background check.