Greystar took over management at my complex and ruined the place. When my 70+ year old neighbor who has lived here for 18 YEARS spoke up about the terrible service she recieved from the newly appointed manager, they retaliated by not renewing her lease the next month. We all encouraged her to sue as this kind of bullying is supposed to be illegal, sadly due to her age and money issues she decided to move on and not fight. My ceiling caved in due to water damage and it has been left this way for over a week now. Buildings are moldy, noisy and falsely advertized. There are lighting issues and safety issues all over. Its a mess and they are downright gangster in the way they have treated this community. I pray that justice eventually catch up with this company. If you are reading this, do not move to sedona ridge phoenix. it is NOT what they advertize. in three months the paint they used to cover up layers of mold in your unit will chip off, and it wont seem so new when you hear every little movement and argument your neighbors have.

5010 e cheyenne drive apt 1002 Phoenix, Arizona USA


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