I strongly recommended other students not to go to Seidenberg School of computer science and information systems at pace university if you are from non-technical background. Even if you are from technical background you will learn nothing new from their program. They do not teach like how supposed to teach in Masters Level. All of their programs are useless comparing to other good private universities if you really want to pursue career in database programming or web development. You will waste your money just by going into this school and will have hard time to find a job if you are from non-technical background. Their Career service is useless. They could not place students for a job who are from non-technical background and have no technical experiences. Career service recruiter just knows how to make a simple resume and how to apply through the job boards which I believe 12 years kid can do by them self. | 99% international students in this school who works on campus just for little money and do not care about their education but end up with really good grade in class. So just think how these course materials will be that brings good grade without learning. It is a trick of the entire faculty to bring students in their school so that they can make money. | However, if you want to waste your money just for a degree without significant leaning then you can get into this school.


  • Name: Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: New York
  • Address: 163 William Street -2nd Floor
  • Phone: (212) 346-1687
  • Website: www.pace.edu/