Please read this report about number sleep beds… First I ordered this bed thinking that it would help my wife and I sleep better per there website and all the print ads I have read over the last couple of years. Let me start by telling you I have no tie to the company nor did I know anything about the bed prior to purchase. It comes in 5 boxes and you are on your own from there. First it is ALL plastic JUNk.. I mean Junk, very cheaply manufactured and no I repeat no structally support at all. You have to put the mattress together or what that call a mattress. This thing is NOTHING more then a CHEAP air mattress you can buy at walmart for 60.00. You get nothing like what they say and show on TV and the net. The company uses smoke n mirrors to get you to buy it.. Thank GOD I bought this from QVC as they are giving me a 100% refund including shipping. All the components are cheap plastic and cheap cheap foam not even memory foam it doesn’t hold the air in the chambers nor do you get a good night sleep. I don’t recommend this to anyone do your research go to a bed store any bedstore and atleast sit on the bed prior to your purchase. As for the prices 2400.00 for 12 cheap pieces of plastic, 2 cheap air chambers a wireless remote that has major lag, and a cheap cheap air pump that is very loud and clicks a great deal. One last thing some of these cheap junk beds sell for upwards of 4000.00 and the only difference is a couple extra pieces of foam what a joke. One last thing the sleep study you hear them talking about was conducted in MN and was paid for by them and it is very very one sided. Bottomline don’t buy this piece of plastic and foam crap you will be sorry and out a great deal of money any questions email me… Ronnie Obryan Good Hardworking American UAW Life member

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