Complaint: Since November 2014 Select Portfolio Services has been giving me the run around on a loan modication. Every few weeks they want new information and even copies of apaerwork they have received several times. Then they told me on the phone that my modification was approved and that my interest rate was 2% and to look online. I did and it said 2 %. I paid my balance up to date then a week or so later I get a collection call from SPS for a debt. I was told that my interest rate is now 7.7 % and i owe over 875.00 for the current month. I was 30 days behind for 3 months. It turned out they had over $7800.00 in escrow on my account. In March 2015 they sent me a check for $7800.00. If I knew I had so much available I would have had a portion put toward my balance. I recieved a letter that they now need the original documents original documents re done. I have been paying an extra $1000.00 per month for going on the third month. They need to be held accountable for taking advantage of us. And YES this is still in progress. and they hurt my credit making it hard to get refinanced.

Tags: Landlords

Address: 3815 south west temple salt lake city, Utah USA


Phone: 18888186032