Fraudulent third party health care company


My Complaint: I called to receive a quote and the agent told my that to give me a quote I had to go through the whole application and that I would receive a confirmation email and paperwork in the mail. After I received the paperwork I had 10 days to cancel the policy with 100% refund. That day I received 2 emails confirming my application, but gmail has a notice saying that the emails may be fraudulent. Because of this the next day I called UnitedHeathCare (the company they had quoted me with) and they said they would be able to cancel the policy minus a $20 application fee, this is not what Selective healthcare had said to me so I decided to call them back. My call was blocked and would not go through so I called from my husbands cell phone. The agent that answered was making all kind of excuses and when I asked if I could speak to a manager he said no one was available and that I should call back and then hung up on me (I was NOT being rude or yelling at him). I am afraid because they have my name, address, social security number, bank account information.


My Demand: Someone should investigate them, I think they’re scamming people for their information