I recently did business with this company, they were the funder for a settlement account for Clear One Advantage. I quickly found out how they work, and basically prey on people who already have debt, they have a very sweet lady tell you they will help you settle your debt, but they just add a whole lot to your debt, and do nothing more than what you can do on your own. | So, I quickly cancelled the program, the problem is that Clear One tells you theyw ill refund you and even have you sign documents, but then you call CGS and they tell you you owe them, so basically no one really refunds your money. | I’ve been reviewing many ripoff and other reports on both these companies, I’m just surprised that no one has a lawsuite or class action lawsuit against them, maybe they do. | Has anyone alerted the media about these companies, maybe someone woudl like to investigate and do an expose on them. Would make a great story.


  • Name: Selma Cossio
  • Country: United States
  • State: Oklahoma
  • City: Tulsa
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