Not only does Senior Life Insurance Company of Thomasville, Georgia rips off clients/insureds (something they have done with my own clients) but they also do it to their agents. I will skip the details of how they lie in their recruiting efforts, sell the agents junk leads for $60 and don’t pay year-end commissions and concentrate on another scam they are perpetrating at the end, once the contract is cancelled and the agent (tired of being lied to and robbed) moves on. At this point, they report agents to Vector (the equivalent of a credit reporting agency but for insurance agents. This Vector is checked by other insurance companies agents apply to write business for and if there is any derogatory/negative item reported, insurance companies will deny appointmens and agents won’t be able to work). Senior Life is taking it upon itself to fraudalently report agents to Vectors, no doubt, this is a new “income stream” for the company which must be losing money since it is poorly managed and losing clients because of it. In order to be released from the Vector, an agent must pay its debt to the insurance company reporting the debt. How is that for a beautiful and perfect way to get every agent that leaves right by the gonads? SENIOR LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY is a scam, they should be shut down and the owners put in jail. Coincidentally, don’t bother complaining to the Insurance Commission because the politicians are dully owned by the insurance companies. Hit them where it hurts, SUE THE LIVING HELL OUT OF THEM and, eventually, they will go bankrupt and go away like the voltures they are. You have been warned, both as a consumer and as a agent.


  • Name: Senior Life Insurance Company
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Thomasville
  • Address: 1 Senior Life Lane
  • Phone: 229-228-6936
  • Website: