My sister bought my autistic son a toy from this site for Christmas. The toy arrived damaged.I contacted the seller, requesting a replacement since it did not appear to have been damaged during shipping, but rather before shipping, due to the fact that the shipping container was unblemished. If it was damaged during shipping, the only reason would be that it was not packed correctly.I contacted the seller and received a reply from someone named Todd Kuneyl, saying that he would notify their warehouse.After waiting over a month, I contacted the seller again, stating that it had been over a month, I had not heard anything, and that I felt I had been ripped off.I was advised by the person who responded, Michael Barnes, that Todd Kuneyl was on vacation. Michael immediately became combative and accused me of making “rude statements””. He advised me that the item must have been damaged during shipping

and therefore they would not replace it or refund my sister’s money.I reiterated that it did not appear to be shipping damage and even sent a photo of the item box that showed the crushed corner. I also stated that the item wholesaled for about $4

and that their charging my sister $21 for it was “”highway robbery””.My sister intends to stop payment on her credit card

but I just wanted to post here in case anyone else was planning to do business with these people. They overcharge

and have abhorrent customer service.”