This company has been calling me and demanding to verify all of my personal information, without them verifying to me, who they are, what the debt is or the debt’s origin. I refused to provide any information as I did not feel comfortable with this person, who was talking to me, like I’m a criminal. Sorry, I do not give out my private, confidential information about myself to anyone, without knowing who/where/why first. I’ve seen this company listed in countless websites for scams/rip-offs for local Las Vegas/Henderson people, using intimidation tactics and threats. I don’t do threats but since I know their physical location, I may end up going to talk to them face to face, if they want to get nasty with me on the phone, then they should have zero problems doing it in person. I believe this is a phishing type scam or a very, very corrupt/illegal collection practices going on here.


  • Name: Sentry Recovery & Collections
  • Country: United States
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Las Vegas
  • Address: 3080 S Durango Dr # 203
  • Phone: 702-946-1140
  • Website: