uri ahtoh bartoszewicz real brazalian bikinis true brazilian this was business silvia fassardi destroyed with her con last nite on facebook silvia made a public comment saying she didnt know uri or the other guy who first gave the info about this saying it was all made up. today silvia contacted the person thru a friend and offered 2000 to get checks sounds like admission of guilt. what silvia didnt know is she is only paying for checks that were sent to uris friend luckily the bank was very cooperative in providing all the original documents. thanks to a friend who was one of there largest commercial account holders.THIS IS MIAMI BEACH SILVIA learn the game before u play. YOUR SCAM IS OVER. which will be posted here shortly after the proper authorities deal with it i do hope the guy with checks gets his money because he was taken for the money when silvia wiped out store and stole all the money I SERIOSLY DOUBT she can even come up with 2 k unless she con someone else out of it

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