Complaint: When i purchased my used car i was told that i would receive free tires for the life of the car by the salesperson and two other individuals within the company. I was also told that the car came with a brand new set of tires however, some time later the car started pulling to one side and when i checked the tires they were an unmatched set. When i asked about the tire situation i was told that they never offered free tires with used vehicles and that the sales person was lieing. I further questioned them concerning their sales people when one of the managers stated that yes this person had lied, not only to me, but to several other customers and that is the reason the sales person was fired. I stated that they are responsible for what the salesperson does or says and he said yes and that is why he was fired. He then very angerly told me that he didn’t have to do anything about it and even offered to give me the number for his lawyer. I said ok let me have it and he said he was not going to waste my time. Thomas Lacey’s Spring, AlabamaU.S.A.

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