This service started out really great back in 2011, but has deteriorated sharply in the last 5 or 6 months. I’ve had an email outage of 15 days, which is simply unacceptable and a stretch of website outage of more than 24 hours. Moreover Support simply don’t reply when you ask for a refund for services that were not rendered. To add to the pain, moving off Servage has been a bit of a fiasco. To move a .com site, you need an EPP code (which is delivered to the email address, which is still not working). To be fair, they offered to send it to another email address so I eventually got it. BUT the code was invalid and I STILL (after 4 days) don’t have a valid code to move off them. So basically I’m stuck with them. I really do wish there was an ombudsman that could deal with companies like this. I get that they are in a migration that has gone badly wrong, but they should at least respect my decision move away.

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