8/22/2016 Co; Service All-Stairs 4749 W. 160th St Lawndale ,CA 90260 Regarding ; Dysfunctional A/C Unit HERO ID RLA31226N I Called the office three Months ago, and requested Technical assistance in repairing my A/C , which was installed by your Company on 10/16/2015. My system ( compressor) , will run for a short time then shut off approximately 1 hour later. I have contacted your office in writing and by phone Several times to no avail, requesting service, recently I was Given an appointment on 8/5/2016, no show no call and 8/12/2016 for someone to repair the A/C. No one ever came to repair the system nor did they even call to say they wasn’t coming . Today, is 8/17/2016 I am still waiting for assistance. I am amazed Service All- Stars is refusing to honor their warranty, my contract states I have a 2 year warranty for Labor. As well as a 12 year Warranty on the Compressor . I am only asking for assistance . Please repair the system without further delay.

4749 West 160th Street Lawndale, California USA


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