June 6 2018 paint and body work was started on my 2017 Subaru outback, the estimated work time was 20 days. And as promised some 20 days later they said the car was ready. My inspection revealed the car was a mess after they claimed repairs were complete. They agreed and worked another week , then said it was ready. | I picked up the car after a quick inspection of the former needed repair locations , it seem to be better. But with a serious look it was clear that for every one thing said to he repaired ,2 more things were damaged or poorly repaired. As in debris ,fish eyes, runs in the paint. Sand , buffing marks on lens covers ,chrome and textured plastic accessories. | This type of poor service continued even after upper management and quality control were involved. 5 diffrent times this happened with 20 plus pictures or diffrent damage on each occasion. Even today after picking up the car for the last time in November if 2018. | It still has over spray, damaged plastic fixtures and a satellite radio antenna that is installed backwards. | There are not enough words to explain how I do not wish this for you. But the real slap in the face came with a rental agency’s bill that said ,even though service king setup and agreed to pay the bill. Some $1570.00 ..well since they have not paid as of today…then I’m responsible. After escalating with corporate i have heard nothing some 4 days later. I was told diffrent. | I patiently await corporate managements response but will not hold my breath. I can’t imagine the little old lady next doors face when she finds the trade in value of her car suffered because she trusted service king as i did. We can learn something from a fool. You don’t have to he one.


  • Name: Service King
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Grand Prairie
  • Address: 3060 W. I-20
  • Phone: (972) 660-4455
  • Website: serviceking.com