I paid to be an attendee for one of Ms. Morgan’s Webinars. I received a notification via youtube about 15 min before the start of the webinar. By the time I was done with registration, it was about 4 minutes before the start of the webinar. I looked for the link but I only received an email with etickets to the event. I thought there would be a link on the eticket, but there were none. I then emailed Ms. Morgan and I related that this was either a ripoff or I registered too close to the start of the webinar to gain entry. If it was the case that I registered too close to the start of the webinar, that should have been expressly stated at the tome I registered or some time before. She related that she sent 2 emails with a link to all who paod to attend. I informed her that I did not get a link and was not able to get the benefit of what I paid for. She then stated that there were no refunds and that she would send me a ‘copy’ of the webinar. I then told her that is not what I paid for; that I paid to be included in the webinar. A webinar allows the attendees interaction, i.e. questions and answers. I told Ms. Morgan that I would be reporting this because I did not get what I paid for. A copy of the webinar is not what I paid for. She proceeded to say that I was ‘doing the most’ and that I would be spreading lies if I reported this and that she would send me a copy of the webinar. This is her idea of proof that she provided me with what I paid for. Again, this is NOT what I paid for. Here is a copy of the email: Sis you’re doing the most. I just stated to you that you will be receiving an email with a link to the replay for the webinar, so how is that a ripoff? I’m working on the email as we speak. And yes, with you registering for the webinar 4 minutes before the start of the event your email was not included in the two emails that contained the link to the webinar. These emails are proof that I am delivering the product that you paid for, so if you approach your credit card company and lie to them about the purchase, that is on you. If you choose not to sign up for anymore of my webinars, that is just fine. You can report what you want, but your lies will not prosper sis. Nevertheless, you’re still going to received what you paid for. IF you feel validated in spreading lies about me, do your work sis, but I’m here to spread love and nothing more. Peace and Love, Tyomi