Almost had by Secret Shopper scam


My Complaint: I received a letter in the mail to my job addressed to my professional working–not legal–name. That should have raised a red flag. The letter informed me that I had been selected as a secret shopper/customer evaluator. Enclosed was a check in the amount of $1993.10 for me to deposit into my checking or savings account after “activating” the check at their website . I’d heard about secret shoppers before so I wasn’t alarmed until they requested my personal information, including social security number, employer’s information including EIN. There’s a notice at the top of the page that state’s that information is optional but the prompt to skip or opt out of providing that information is inoperable. You can only go forward is you fill in the required fields. I filled in zeros for the number fields and “na” for the text fields and was forwarded to the following page. I was then notified to cash the check first and have the money in my hand before selecting my “first assignment.” It was then (unfortunately not sooner) that I decided to research this company and only found information about them here on . I’m concerned because while on the site I was notified that my IP address was being saved. Someone PLEASE tell me what I can do about that.