I received job offer and email from Cindy Barrow with Job offer was for a Purchasing Agent. Not sure how she got my name. Cindy Barrow of SGU Trading promised a work from home employment as a purchasing agent. The company pays off what I charged on my credit card (falsely) through a bank transfer. She posted false transfers that bounced but it took almost 6 weeks to discover that the transfers were not successful. I had already purchased and sent merchandise and mailed to a so-called broker with a return address to Cindy Barrow. To be honest I felt like a fool but the company information she gave me about the company was legitimist and the Company was excellent it never dawned on me to check out her name which I should have done. Bank of America was slow to process her fake deposits and she gave me other accounts that she would transfer money from which was also fake. Unfortunately prior to this discovery the merchandise I purchased and sent was worth more than $21,000.00 . Needless to say she stopped communication with me so I lost all that money. If anyone knows anything about this I like to hear about it. Bottom line do not due business with Cindy Barrow of SGU she will be stealing your money.. I demand I’d like my money back. Stay away

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