I let Shadesofgreen know how unhappy we were by this other woman, who tried to ruin our vacation. There was nobody forming a line at the bus when we got back from magic kingdom, well we have a right to report our bad experience on their review section. I sent them a private message via private messaing on facebook messenger. Yes I was “STEAMED””. Because I don’t like it when some tires to start a confrontation with me when I haven’t done anything about it. This was our 4th stay at the shadesofgreen not having any real problems

when this other military retired tried to run over my grandma on our first visit when the shadesofgreen baggage people told us to move up. And he went around us angerily forcing my grandmother back to the car. Nobody has never made a issue about us making it to the. Apprantly shadesofgreen don’t care for good customer service whish is why they blocked me from being able to post on their facebook page. Which BTW i wasn’t even saying nothing on their facebook page any way!”

1950 Magnolia Dr Lake buena Vista, Dist of Columbia USA