I was excited to find BeachBody Shakeology products at half the price! I placed an order for two bags of “Shakeology” at the end of May from this website. After a month of no shipment notice or communication from seller I sent an email to the address on the website. No response. I tried using the (different-personal) email on PayPal to send another email. No response. A week later I submitted a fraud claim with PayPal. Seller provided them with a UPS confirmation number for delivery, which caused PayPal to close the case. However, after doing some research, the weight of the package did not match two bags of Shakeology. Finally, after speaking to a PayPal supervisor, it was noticed that the seller not only claimed two items in one shipment, but did not include my street address- only city and state. Case was reopened, money was refunded, and company was reported to Paypal’s Fraud center. But it has been a giant hassle and I still have no Shakeology!