SHAKER INVESTMENTS is a Scam. Change my mind !!
There is nothing ethical about the way things are done at/by SHAKER INVESTMENTS, and I speak from experience and my long association with SHAKER INVESTMENTS. It makes me sad to see that in spite of this Internet Era, no one has spoken against SHAKER INVESTMENTS. 
Or perhaps they did try, and their voices were suppressed. I wouldn’t be surprised if SHAKER INVESTMENTS’s lawyers wiped the internet off ay truth ever published by SHAKER INVESTMENTS’s victims. All I ever see by Googling SHAKER INVESTMENTS is (fake) positive reviews, articles planted by SHAKER INVESTMENTS’s PR Team, and a ton of gibberish. But no truth.
I have enough stories, documents, and evidence to expose SHAKER INVESTMENTS. But I am not going to dive in the muddy waters alone. I NEED YOUR HELP. I know there are others with similar experiences, people who are looking fo

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