Ok so lets do this again! 2 kids and 3 yrs together when this a started. It all went to hell when my SO started working for a local fencing company with a guy he knew from back in the day. These guys were not the type of guys who respected women by any means. These guys when out and partied all the time and did whatever it was that they wanted to do. My SO obviously thought this seemed like a good idea because he began doing the same things. I know he was introduced to this skank by one of the guys he worked with. I know they began talking on facebook and text messages. I do not know the exact date they met and began this affair, I really dont give a rats ass. || Anywho, October 14,2011 is the day that we were supposed to be spending time as a family. Shopping, going out to eat, spending time with the kids all on my dime. We finished at the mall and eating and decided to go to a children clothing store, I am looking through items for the kids and he keeps walking off when his phone goes off, of course like any PERSON would, this hit a nerve with me. I decided to just let it go at that moment and wait. The day goes by, we finish all our shopping and everything and head home. We get home he decides to take a nap, phone in the bed with him, which was very strange to me. I went and hung out in the living room for a bit but the bs with the phone was eating away at me. I went into the bedroom, removed the phone from the room and went through it. Sure enough this bitches number not saved in the phone but in the text messages, I read them her saying she dreamt of him the night before and blah blah f**king blah. Instant rage went through my body, I was hurt, I felt sick, I felt dirty because I shared a bed with this person. I threw the phone waking him up and shit hit the fan. After all this shit I called this bitch, no answer, voicemail gave me name. I called again finally she answers I proceed to tell her he has someone at home and kids, she pretends she has no f**king clue who he is. Which I’m not gonna lie pissed me off even more come on now she was 41 or so at the time and I was 23-24 figure thd bitch could at least be a damn woman but no. Fast forward to Sept-Aug of 2013, he is aggravated that he can not get into his email for some reason, all day he is talking about this email situation. I go all day listening to him gripe, finally that night I got on the internet and got into his email since I’m pretty computer savvy, and there it was an unread email from her with pics of some vacation she took (who f**king cares) and emails back and forth talking about I love you this I love you that, I hear this song and it made me think of you, I miss you, send me pics blah blah….oh and my personal favorite”MOVE TO KOREA AND MAKE ME THE HAPPIEST WOMAN ALIVE” well news flash you dusty dirt whore, he can’t get a passport and he wouldn’t leave the states anyways he got way too many damn kids (6 total) to help take care of. || This bitch use to work right down the street from my house as a 3rd grade teacher. And on her bio on that schools website she said she was here to promote the mental, physical and emotional needs of the children, bitch please sleeping with their fathers us not going to promote nothing but therapy needs. She also loves to party on the weekend and allow people to take pics of her partying and post them on a public page on facebook. After all the phone calls to her and trying to make her be a woman in this situation and own what she did she decided to move to south korea I believe it was sept of 2012, the affair continued in emails, to be an ESL teacher. Since the last exposure, which was removed, she has emailed me and tried to tell me that if I don’t talk harshly to her and treat her with respect pretty much and remove the exposure she would tell me whatever it was that I wanted to know. She also told me that I need to begin healing for the sake of my children and so they learn to do things out of love and not hate. LMFAO! Get real bitch first I dont need anybody who doesn’t have children of their own to tell me how to raise mine. Second, trying to dictate shit will get you absolutely nowhere with me. || And now this is from me to Shanda because I know you check the site to see if you’re back up or not. See I know it wasn’t ALL your fault, I know he was at fault as well and I also know he probably told you the same things all these men say, she is crazy, she doesn’t fulfill my needs, blah blah blah but when I called you on multiple occasions you could have been the”woman” you think you are and stopped the bullshit, did you? No you turned around and emailed him and told him you were not going to listen to his girlfriend bitch about what she thinks is going on. Think, nope got that wrong I already KNEW. That is why you are on here. That is why I will continue to tell my story about you. And kudos to you for finding a website who is down for helping bitches like you. You can deny whatever you want over there and claim to be the biggest and best CHRISTIAN there is but GOD doesn’t like ugly, he doesn’t like liars either. Am I still angry at you over all of this, hell yeah you bet but for one reason, remember in your email when you said”ALL WOMEN HAVE BEEN CHEATED ON but we must stick together not bring each other down” being as you admitted you were cheated on then you should know exactly how I felt and what I was going through to a point. I know you don’t have kids with anybody so you don’t know what it is like to have a”family” tore apart. Oh and just so you know I still have the letter that I did write to the school board about you, sealed with a stamp on it. I also still have the screenshot of the leaf chronicle article you shared on fb with you comment saying”they expect us to be able to turn these demons into saints.” You have had plenty of chances to tell your side of the story, you got my email address, you have me blocked on facebook and I’m not for sure but you did have my phone number because I called you from it. So save your victim shit for real victims. Oh and when you grow a set like you had in the email you wanted to send him after I called you, then I’m still around email, fb, you can even ask for the digits and hit me up that way. After all you are in another country.