This is Shanda Weaver aka Shanda Nicole or Shanda Marie of CR. She has different alias depending on who she wants to be that day. She claims to work part time in Hollywood in hair- but she only works in fast food. She is a thief. She steals necklaces of deceased children & then pawns them to buy McDonalds for her man at the moment- Damien Phillips. What’s worse- it was his child’s necklace who had passed away. She jumps from men to men- and then claims the men are the guilty ones. She has been KNOWN to the Linn County Health Department. This woman passes stuff even a brillo pad & bleach can’t wash off. It doesn’t even have a name. Log on to a dating site (just pick one) any given day & you will find Shanda on there for sure! She will then get you to sleep with her because she’s “lonely” and then boom-you’ll end up in a waiting room at the health department. Stay far, far away!