Shane Hicks trawls for people seeking help, mainly with turf and landscaping, and then offers to come out and measure and quote. He will attend your house and talk the talk, taking measurements and requirements, all the time providing assurances that he can do anything you want – “That’s easy done”. | He will then issue a quote/invoice for the amount (cheaper than the competitors) using a random companies name and ABN and will ask for a 50% deposit to proceed. | Once you pay the deposit, he will not turn up at the proposed time and date because of some unique circumstance. He will continue to reschedule and not turn up over and over again because of “circumstances” each time buying himself another 2-3 days. | If you request a refund, he will agree and send through a fake remittance, again buying himself another 2-3 days and then make up excuses about the banks etc. | He has pulled this scam on over 30 people over the past 10 years and raked in over $100,000. He even stiffs his family and friends so nobody is off limits! | Shane Hicks is a lying, cheating conman and apparently the law are ok with it because no governing body is willing to do anything to stop him! | Steer clear Avoid at all costs!


  • Name: Shane Hicks
  • Country: Australia
  • State: Victoria
  • City: Reservoir
  • Address: 22 Banff St
  • Phone: 045-803-6672
  • Website: