Ok I had posted about Misty Webb not long ago and this child bullying troll under the bridge Shane McPherson is connected to her. After the second time I confronted Misty Webb she had this dumb ass texting my phone. He started texting like I was cheating on my husband with him. I immediately knew it had to be linked to her I did get confused at times because he talked like my daughters father. I had texted my daughter and asked her to text the number and see if it was her dad. She did and this guy was calling my 15 year old daughter a hoe and other names. Misty Webb went on my Facebook and looked up all my kids and family members and gave the information to this scumbag. She gave him my number and my name so that he could try to ruin my marriage. Luckily my husband knows me better than that, And knows I’m faithful to him. This dude text me from 9 am til 10 pm calling me out my and saying foul shit. My adopted 23 year old son got his number and tried calling the number but his scared ass wouldn’t answer so the texting started between them so by this time he’s texting 3 of us. And my husband texted him to but he couldn’t get into with him because he was laying asphalt at the time. When my 2 biological sons came home they tried calling but of course his scared ass wouldn’t answer so the texting began so now he’s going at it with 6 people. Like these people seriously don’t know what kind of family they messed with. My kids Will Not tolerate no one disrespecting me. We stick together and u will have a gang of us on your ass. Women he is single for a reason. If Misty wasn’t interested in my husband she wouldn’t have went through all that trouble to cause problems for my husband and me. She’s a two bit tramp who is willing to go above and beyond to try and steal your man. And had this jack ass involved. Funny thing he thought he was dealing with a dumb ass. I’m a Scorpio and I will investigate shit. I plugged his number in an app and got his name, I went on Facebook plugged in the name looked at pics and found one of him and Misty Webb together. I knew right then I had the right person. I don’t know this idiot at all. I got his job info and screenshots of his picture with misty. I sent him a message and first I said Shane McPherson then sent the picture of the two of them. He denied it but while I was on his page of Facebook he was changing shit like his job and finally shut his page down so I texted oh so u deny who u r but u r now changing ur fb. Now I tell him I got the info I need and that his lif is now going to be hell. I called his job the next morning and made them aware that he was stealing company time. I explained that the issue is a personal matter but he was harassing my children and I by texting on their time. He is now being investigated and they are going to take appropriate measures. The company thanked me and got my information in case the company wanted time lines of the texts. Now I’m on here. I hope no woman gets hooked up with this creep. Cause if he can call an innocent child a h** no telling what else he’d do to someone else’s child or woman to that fact.