Summary: Charged extra for unauthorized work on lawn trimmer par they said may not be any good anyway. My son took a weed trimmer carbeurator to Shank’s Lawn Equipment. The primer bulb was not expanding after squeezed. The business told him the cleaning may or may not work b/c of parts inside the carbeurator that are not serviceable, but they could try anyway. Shanks said they would put it in their untrasonic cleaner and said it would cost 12.00 -15.00. They never called to let us know it was done. We called them, they said it was ready. My son went to pick it up and they charged him 26.22. The bill lists 10.00 labor, 1.64 for a gasket (valid), and 1.10 “shop supplies.”” They also told him they put it through the ultrasonic cleaner twice (which they tried to use as leverage to explian to me they did not charge as much as they should have). At first the manager would not get on the phone with me and only handed my son the bill. They were not authorized by us to do anything but put the carbeurator into the ultrasonic cleaner. During the phone call

the manager tried to justify taking unauthorized actions on the carbeurator by saying theyhad 45.00 of work into it but were only charging half of that. He told me he did not tell my son it was 12.00. When I asked him if he was saying my son had lied to me

he changed his story to say he had said it would cost “”at least 12-15.00.”” I asked him how he justified the rest of the unauthorized work charges and he simply said he could have charged us more b/c they had more into it. I reminded him it was unauthorized again and his ad hominem reply was


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