Ok so I am posting this up for a friend of mine. She’s been married to her husband for 6 years. I met her in Utah when we both went to school and met her husband when I would go visit her at her house. She moved to Arkansas a few years back. When they moved little did my friend know (I never expected it to happen to my good friend) he started having an affair with the home wrecker Shannon Leah Oliver-Ortiz. || This dirty filthy person broke up the cutest family!!! Her husband left both of her kids and her to go with the home wrecker Shannon Leah Oliver-Ortiz. It is unbelievable all the lies she can say to keep a man. He is really stupid to fall for her lies and really dumb for leaving a beautiful wife and two kids for this trash. Shannon Leah Oliver-Ortiz I hope your life is HELL while in a relationship with him and karma comes and bites you right in the ass. This is completely unacceptable knowing he was married and had a beautiful family!!! You can have my friends leftovers!!!!!