I have been Internet scamed by a person caliming to be “Sharon Smith” But calls me from a VOIP – Google calling service (internet phone). I am repoirting this because I have been a identity and finance victum of over $300.00 CAD. This person who has told me that there are in Logos, Nigeria. but wheni went on to whitepages.ca i looked up the number that she gave me who supposudely was her uncles phone number and it told me that it was from the “Google calling service – internet phone” also known as a VOIP SERVICE. I have been conned numerous of times to sending “her”…sharon smith (who i think is the uncle a.k.a CON ARTST) over $300 CAD and telling me to send it through western union and moneygram (at a canada post office). they tell me that there coming on a private jet because they claim that “her” uncle is the president of Volkswagen (Car company) and has money of $2,000,000 USD in a will who also claims came from her deceased father.


  • Name: Sharon Smith
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: 18652459694
  • Website: