Ripped off 300.00 we sent thru money gram.


My Complaint: Sharon Hawkin’s promised me a teacup Yorkie princess for 300.00. we sent her thru money gram the 300.00. the next day she said princess would need a crate so that she would not get an infection or die on the flight. i was not informed before i sent the 300.00 about the crate cost and i specifically told her all i could come up with was the 300.00. i was not informed before i sent the money about the crate cost. i believe them to be a scam. they are avoiding my phone call’s and my e-mail’s. it look’s as if they have scammed many other’s. we just want our 300.00 back. this experience has been very heartbreaking and emotionally damaging. we borrowed the 300.00 from a payday loan place so we are in a huge bind financially. they have caused us and so many more very much pain and hardship. sharon andersen.


My Demand: a total refund of the money we sent thru money gram. a total of 300.00.